Languages not Comitt

Module Loader

I want to install a Japanese language pack.
I was able to download
and uploaded it with Module Loader.

But when I press install, nothing comes up.
Only a white screen.
To be precise, I don’t get any Comitt guidance.

Os is cent os.
Server is using AWS Lightsail.

How can this be resolved?


Did you download the Japanese language translation from

Which version of CRM is already setup on your server? the file you mentioned, seems to be CRM files and not tranlation one.

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Thanks for the reply.
Of course, I have downloaded and uploaded the specified zip.

The crm version set up on the server is 8-4-1.

The old language pack might not be copying the files to the new 8.4 version. Can you please check and copy the files to the legacy folder and try.

Thanks for the advice.
I put it in legacy and it didn’t go away, once I reinstalled it, it went away.
Appreciate your kindness.

Is this issue resolved? Have you installed Japanese language pack successfully in 8.4.1?