Language strings issues

There is no language strings for some messages, so they can not be translated:

Admin panel-> Schedulers

Each AdvancedOpen… file in /install/suite_install/ contains task name instead of the corresponding label.
For example: $scheduler->name = ‘Run AOW WorkFlow’;

Reports module (DetailView)

Module name in the current report is displayed only in English.
Some items in the Treeview displayed in English or contain lang. label

Did you perform a quick rebuild on SuiteCRM admin?

On the other end, some of those lines are not translated yet.
Maybe you can help translate online at

Attached: a search for one of those untranslated lines i performed at Transifex translation platform:

Mod report: please increase the file size for pictures, as I have to make it JPG low quality!!
(The file size (661245) exceeds the maximum set by the administrator.)

Maybe you can help translate online at

Thanks horus68, but now it’s more comfortable to me to do a direct translation, without any translation tools. These language strings are already translated, but some suite files contains English text instead of the corresponding lang. labels. So, this issue can not be solved through the quick rebuild.

maybe a parsing error on your file?
Believe-me there are many errors on several translations language files created by translators (causing parsing errors) that I found when uploading local translations to transifex.

All labels in /modules/Meetings/tpls/reminders.tpl are cardcoded and can’t be translated

I can confirm this issue on other languages too.
The other one I couldn’t match your screen!

Created an issue at GitHub

horus68 wrote:

For SuiteCRM 7.4.x

Admin panel-> Schedulers

All tasks in the ListView/DetailView are displayed only in English.

Task name is displayed in local language olny as combobox value in the EditView.

SuiteCRm 7.4.3 = working fine for me regarding this issue.

SuiteCRm 7.4.3 = Confirmed issue with different language packs. I’ve created a report at GitHub in hope there is a solution for this!
Schedulers module - Tasks names are not translated ·
Issue #767 -

horus68 wrote:

Yes, this issue has been fixed in the final release.

Just for information, this is confirmed and still open for a fix:
Reports module: items in the Treeview display lang. label · Issue #636 ·

OK, thanks.

Tagged recently with “Low Priority”. Not a solution yet!