language pack update does not change strings in the GUI that have changed

I have installed the german language pack from and found some issues in modules/Administration/language/de_DE.lang.php
To test the changes I simply unzip the language pack and changed some strings in de_DE.lang.php (‘LBL_MANAGE_PASSWORD_TITLE’, ‘LBL_CONFIG_TABS’ and ‘LBL_CONFIG_TABS_DESC’ which were wrong)
Then I ziped the whole thing again,
uninstalled the original language pack from my suitecrm installation, installed my changed language pack , I got no error messages so far, and
logged off an logged on again (as admin)

BUT the old strings are still there.

Then I checked the modules/Administration/language/de_DE.lang.php on the server but this looks good and is the updated file including my changes.
BUT for the 3 changed strings it still show up the old ones in the GUI (logged in as Admin). What I don’t understand.

Therefore I am wondering whether there is some hidden caching on the server side, or in the database , that I don’t not yet understand.
(no, browser cache is not involved since I used a different new browser , that never “saw” the old GUI – Stings ever)

Any ideas, what can be done to activate the changes ?


Sorry for the dublicate posting, since the first post did not immediately show up on the forum

Can you please revise the lines that need to be changed at

On your issue, do a quick repair on your language files

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thank you verry much
I checked
but the fixes are already there (but not yet in , as i wrote)

The “quick repair” funktion in the Admin - Menu worked. (the thing is, that my language file was obviousely cached in “cache/modules/Administration/language/de_DE.lang.php” . if “quick repair” is called, they gets deleted, and later are rebuild including the changes i made)

just installed 7.3/
which has all the fixes for the wrong strings i found in the older language pack.