Language Pack - But not fully translated to the installed language pack

Hello All,

I have downloaded and installed language pack for French from the website SuiteCRM translations - Browse /7.11.x at My suite CRM Version is 7.11.20.

But still few of the Menu names, fields, sub menus etc are not translated into French, still it is showing in English. What I need to check it to get fully translated to the language which of installed package.

Thank in advance for your help on this


Hey there,

Are you still seeing these issues?

Which files/fields are not being translated, by chance?

There are a few reasons that you could be seeing this;

  • The Translation Package was built before functionality/menus were added in this version, So the package does not contain these translated labels

  • Is this Custom functionality/Fields/Menus? If so, these likely won’t be covered by the translation package

Initially, I’d suggest:
-Run a Quick Repair and Rebuild in Admin->Repair
-Clear Browser Cache

And, if you’re still seeing issues, Grabbing the latest version of the translation package from here:

I believe the Sourceforge page is used moreso as an Archive of older packages

So the crowdin package may be more up-to-date, and contain more translated files