landing pages interacting with a lead's data - any pointers please where to begin?


I am interested in capturing web leads and cookieing their visit. Whenever they visit a page or form I would like to read their lead id via the cookie, then retrieve their details from suitecrm.

This would let visitors to my landing pages progressively update their lead details, and also see dynamic personalised content based on what they have filled in.

I can do enough php and jquery to do this but don’t really know how to go about it.

Somebody has helped me modify the webtolead capture code so that if a (hidden) userid is posted, the db updates the existing lead rather than creates a new one. That seems to be half the battle. I can cookie the visitors leadid after the lead capture form has posted and use it to prepopulate the form when they next visit. (Not sure of the legal implications yet)

To that end, would you just directly query the sugar SQL database and get the lead record using something like JSON?

Sorry if this is off topic for the suiteCRM general discussion. Let me know and I will try over at stack overflow or something.

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Hi there,

I would advise starting off by googling the REST/SOAP API’s, looking at logic hooks, workflows and handling queries using the Sugar Bean.



how did this turn out?