Labels not being saved


Using version 7.0.2 of suiteCRM.

The problems is SOME labels (not all of them) are not being saved nor displayed. This also happens with custom modules names. There are some custom labels i can change, others i can’t. Can’t understand why

I’ve checked the lang*.php and all the changes i’ve made through Studio or Module Builder are being saved to the files. However in the frontend there are no changes.

I’ve also chmod’ed 777 all files (don’t wanna do that, of course) to recheck for permissions, but no luck.

I’ve noticed that on cache/modules/Accounts/metadata/language/lang-pt_PT.php, if i change this labels on frontend are displayed correctly. However, everytime i rebuild suitecrm, this goes to trash :wink:

Cache language file is being rebuilt everytime, I just can’t understand where are these fields coming from.

Are you sure this isnt just happening with relationship labels? There is a bug that came from sugarcrm that causes the issue you describe on relationship labels. Solutions have been discussed else where on the forum.

No, it’s regular fields created into Accounts modules, and also some custom modules.

I’ll look for that solution for relationship labels to see if it’s applyable to me.

if its field labels then you probably need to chmod before you make and save the changes. New files created by suite wont be 777.

The problem is that files are correctly saved and with correct label descriptions. However, in frontend those descriptions are not visible.

  'LBL_PLAFOND01' => 'Plafond F',
  'LBL_PLAFOND04' => 'Plafond T',
  'LBL_PLAFOND06' => 'Plafond I',

However in Studio these are not the labels that appear.

If i change this in Studio, it correctly changes me these files to the new label, however Studio keeps the old labels, and those labels are the ones showed up at SuiteCRM.

Check out this thread:

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You have to edit the files in custom/Extension/modules/[YOUR MODLE NAME]/Ext/Language/

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Geeeez that worked. Thanks

Is there a way to give this a permanent fix? It means to give administrators the possibility to change labels normally through studio? I don’t want to give some of them server or file access.

Im not sure how to fix the bug permanently myself (never actually looked into the route cause yet), its from the core of sugarCE. We will fix this bug in due course as part of SuiteCRM.

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