Label printing with thermal ribbon printer

I use suiteCRM with a textile company and I would need to print labels for my suits. Can I create a PDF template with the measurements of the labels so that I can print them out?
Thank you Massimo Pasinato

Take a look at this to see if it still works to add a custom page size

Excuse me, but what units are the numbers 396.85,595.28?

I saw that an A4 size is 595.28,841.89…

thanks Massimo

At a guess I’d say that’s A5, but I have no idea what the units are.

This is a simple reference for UK paper sizes

A4 is 210mm x 297mm, so that works out at a multiplication of 2.8346 to get the listed size but I have absolutely no clue why!

A5 measures 148.5mm x 210mm so multiplying those numbers by 2.8346 gives 420.9381 x 595.266 so that’s close to what you’re asking but the first number is off.

This made me curious enough to go and Google it, it’s a typographical “point” as in “the font size is 12pt”.

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Thank you, Your help was invaluable! You gave me a very important help. I customized the dimensions to my liking to be able to print labels directly from the CRM, so I simplified a work process a lot.
Thank you Massimo Pasinato

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