KReport - not picking up empty multiselect values?

I know Kreports is meant to pick up empty multiselect records (i.e. where the value is “^^”), but it doesn’t seem to be working.

If I change the values to NULL in phpMyadmin:
UPDATE table SET field = NULL WHERE field = ‘^^’;

They show up in a report where the criteria is “is empty or NULL”, but records where the value in the multiselect is “^^” never appear.

Any ideas…?

Kreports 3.0.6
SuiteCRM 7.1.2

Hi there,

Can you show some screen shots of your data/fields and your report edit screen(showing select/manipulate screen in the report)? I have tested a report selecting blank multiselect values and it returns the expected data.



Ok, here goes!

So I create two new contacts, Jane Bloggs and Joe Bloggs, and don’t select anything for the custom multiselect in question (“Area of research/expertise”):

Looking at the records in MySQL reveals that the multiselect fields (interestarea_c) contain “^^”

OK, so looking at the report in KReports, I have:

And the resulting report doesn’t contain any records (but I would expect it to list both Joe and Jane Bloggs):

(to be continued…)

If I change one of the records to contain NULL for interestarea_c, so that the database records now look like:

The report now shows Jane’s record:

well, eventually realised I could work around this by also checking that the field contains “^^”, but this necessitates creating various OR groups in the select area which was quite laborious … still interested in whether this is a Suite/SugarCRM bug

Direct contact with KReport’s developer suggests a bug: