Korean Language destroyed when Save, on any text relative fields after upgraded to 7.9.3

Hi I just upgraded from 7.9.2 to 7.9.3 and facing serious problem when using Korean language.
Over 2 years, I didn’t have any problem to use Korean on SuiteCRM, (even without language pack and locale setting)

But today. after upgrading.
All Korean characters in text field is changed to ‘???’ like the file I linked below…


Pre-defined Korean still works and shows well in the browser.

I tested with different locale settings and in all browsers. All the same…

Could you anyone help me? This CRM is our production machine…
Please copy and paste the text below on your 7.9.3 system to test.
Korean : " 당신은 잘 보입니까?"

There is a string called

LBL_NO_ACTION that was changed in 7.9.2. It wasn’t just a change in the text of the string, but in the way it is used in the program. There is a change in the program that needs to match the change in the string.

Another user that has a similar problem like your, is getting an error in his logs, mentioning that string.

Maybe this is just a case of a mismatch between the new code and an old string in the outdated Korean Language pack?..

See here for details: https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/issues/3903

Thanks for your comment.
Even a fresh install of 7.9.3 have same problem. All text field are changed into ??? when saving.
The issue is resolved after I reinstall 7.9.2 and 7.8.5(I was back to this version) with the same database file.

Generally I didn’t use Korean Language Pack, I just installed it for evaluation purpose. All settings are US English and UTF-8 encoding.
The case of Polish user is same as me.

It would be a critical issue for every non-US users.

This is a more serious problem than initially thought. It affects everyone with 7.9.3 regardless of any language packs.

The issue is here https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/issues/3903#issuecomment-316134592

And SalesAgility have already reacted by retracting the 7.9.3 download from the site and promising 7.9.4. to be released as soon as possible. It seems we will be getting a fix very soon.