Kopano Sync SuiteCRM : Contacts

hi @all,
where should I begin … once upon a time … there was zarafa and sugarcrm and z-merge. What a great idea.


SuiteCRM was sponsor @ kopano conference and announced that there will be a plugin or whatever to sync contacts etc to kopano.
So, my simple question: is there anything going on?

What I need is not that complicated. I just need to have all my crm contacts in a public-folder Kopano folder. That’s it. from there all users and devices are happy (z-push, outlook, webapp)
I’m not sure about the best way… thinking about : https://stash.kopano.io/projects/KSC/repos/core-tools/browse/contacts2csv

  • dump all contacts from mysql -> csv -> import via contacts2csv -> --pulbic

second: it would be very nice, to have all contacts in our starface voip system. there has been a plugin for years to directly call from sugarcrm, but i think starface closed the door… so, ldap (meta directory) or csv import are still supported…

any ideas?

-use REST or SOAP API to dump the csv | to python ?

any suggestions here?