Knowledge Base - request for proper english on language files

The language file for modules/Administration/language/en_us.lang.php
on the lines related to the knowledge docs are really strange english or are just mappings (It looks like Module names)?
If so they are too many to be there! This is not good for translators, so please revise the english words!


'KBDocumentKBTags' => 'KBDocumentKBTag',
'KBDocumentRevisions' => 'KBDocumentRevision',

Expected Behavior

When programming your should consider that
key => value
should be:
code => proper english

See file modules/Administration/language/en_us.lang.php
near line 1000
Just a sample of a cryptic “english” file that makes translators wondering if they should translate or not!

    'ForecastOpportunities' => 'ForecastOpportunities',
    'ForecastSchedule' => 'ForecastSchedule',
    'Import_1' => 'ImportMap',
    'Import_2' => 'UsersLastImport',
    'KBContents' => 'KBContent',
    'KBDocumentKBTags' => 'KBDocumentKBTag',
    'KBDocumentRevisions' => 'KBDocumentRevision',
    'KBTags' => 'KBTag',
    'ProductBundleNotes' => 'ProductBundleNote',
    'ProductBundles' => 'ProductBundle',
    'ProjectResources' => 'ProjectResource',
    'TeamHierarchies' => 'TeamHierarchy',
    'TeamMemberships' => 'TeamMembership',
    'TeamNotices' => 'TeamNotice',
    'TeamSetModules' => 'TeamSetModule',
    'TeamSets' => 'TeamSet',
    'TimePeriods' => 'TimePeriod',
    'TrackerPerfs' => 'TrackerPerf',
    'TrackerQueries' => 'TrackerQuery',
    'TrackerSessions' => 'TrackerSession',
    'UserPreferences' => 'UserPreference',

Note: Issue already created here but closed with the request to be a forum topic! :ohmy:

Thats it now been reopened

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Final say from Github issue: those lines are mappings and shouldn’t be translated.

For me, all strings not to be translated should be removed from translations files. Else we will have errors caused by translations