knowledge base is showing wrong theme and blown out

i am using suite crm 7.5.1 which i upgraded from the past versions all the way back to sugarcrm 6.5. I am using the suite R theme but when i select knowledge base from the available modules in the All list on the top nav, it comes up showing suite 7 theme but blown out if i then click on view knowledge base, it then shows the correct theme

I have no idea how to fix this or what I may have done incorrectly. Here is the theme I am using to ensure I am doing it correctly

and the version

Please help


This looks like the issue that usually occurs when a theme isn’t specified for a user.

Go to the editview of your user profile, (Which can be done by clicking your username on the top-right)

On the page that appears, click the “Themes” tab.

Select a theme from the options, and click “Save”

The run a Quick Repair & Rebuilt in the Admin > Repair page.

Clear your browser cache & Refresh the page.

Does this resolve the issue?

fixed. thank you!