Knowledge Base Approver

I’ve created a bunch of KB articles and have noticed several behaviors:

  1. How are kb’s approved by a reviewer. I’ve create myself as both the author and approver and cannot seem to find the logic to approve
  2. In using the KB dashlet. Articles do not seem to appear either for myself as the author or others.The dashlet filters are in order - not sure if its because of the approver issue in 1
  3. I can set the status of the KB article to private, but its still available for viewing by others. I guess this would have to be handled by security groups?


1 There is no logic for that.
2. Not sure.
3. Private is to do with the article being published on Joomla or not. There should be a plugin for joomla available that lets you push the kb articles to joomla.



As for #2. My Screw-Up. Did not have the filter setup correctly.