Keyboard Shortcuts for Blind People?

Please advice how blind people can use keyboard shortcuts in SuiteCRM - best practice:
I did not find useful/working information on this - can you please point me to a good howto/documentation?

Using German Win10/actual Chrome/JAWS Reader, it is very difficult to go through the (AJAX) page.

Other shortcuts do not work as they interfere with Windows 10 and 7 - like the shortcuts from the manual from here:

So I would be interested how to use a shortcut on Win10, Chrome+JAWS to eg. open directly the leads list, then select next lead & call or edit the lead… etc.
By now, no single shortcut works directly (only tab, enter and space)

Many thanks for help!
Archie 8)
(Using SuiteCRM Version 7.11.8 Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344) with German languagepack.)


I am afraid those SugarCRM shortcut Accessibility features are new, from after they went closed-source, and they are not present in SuiteCRM…

I guess it would be nice of them to give this out to the Community, but no… :frowning:

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