Keep same database between versions?

Hello, I wanted to know if it is possible to migrate “only” the database from a version 7.2.1 to a version 7.8.4, keeping the version in 7.8.4, or you have to do the whole process of updating from 7.2.1 to 7.8.4?

Thanks in advance and greetings

You definitely need to use the upgrade process. You see, the database structure changes every once in a while, and sometimes the upgrader needs to do special operations to keep consistency.

The only way to do it like you’re asking, is if you can do table-by-table export-checkTheStructure-import operations. It would only make sense for a very simple installation, for example, if somebody told you to just move the Contacts and Accounts, nothing else. If you are really moving an entire installation you’re much better off upgrading.

Why does the upgrade option worry you?

Ok, thank you very much for the speed of the response. It is what I imagined since the project also has a lot of customization.

I am worried because the update will be done in a hosting where I have almost no control, and also, the project is already in production in continuous use :(. I will have no choice but to do it on a weekend, yes on a copy …