Just curious >>> Automatically importing leads from different sources/vendor services through API 🖥

is that possible? :thinking:

I keep hearing when I talk to various people/clients how they draw calling new leads from different sources like for example Dun & Bradsteet, Linkedin, creditsafe .com etc into their CRM automatically. Is that possible to achieve with SuiteCRM?

I do understand that we need to code it, but it no idea to even try if SuiteCRM isn’t a good fit/doesn’t support it.

Thanks in advance.

Maybe it is possible, you could find add-ons on the store.

Thanks @rsp

But is it possible to code it yourself or use a dev for it too?
(Not going to do it right now just looking into the possibilities)

Do you really need your imports to be from an API, like inserting them one by one as they come along, or would you simply need to import a large file with a ton of leads? SuiteCRM is quite good at that already.

Any way it should be possible without much hassle, it’s a really simple use of an API.

Thanks pgr :slight_smile:
Well the idea is automation in the long term. and if you could import automatically from other others venders API’s like Creditsafe, Dun and Bradstreet etc. it would be quite nice.

But as a said before; I’m just exploring the future options here. :smirk: :+1:

Can you explain (in business terms, not technical terms) what these providers do?

I’ve heard of people selling lists of potential contacts, but I haven’t heard of people drip-feeding you leads. From where?

https://www.dnb.com / https://www.creditsafe.com as an example sells/provide lead lists on companies and their decision makers in many countries.

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Well here is a good exmaple of automatic CRM import of leads:

No connector for SuiteCRM/SugarCRM though, but they to have a API delivery method:


That’s awesome! If you know any other useful tools/add-ons for the SuiteCRM, please let us know

Well the big question here @rsp (For us all I guess), is if it would work with the existing SuiteCRM API too? :thinking:

I’ll await for the SuiteCRM gods to answer that. :+1:

There is no SuiteCRM plugins for this so you need custom coding to use it.

You’re looking at this the wrong way.

That SuiteCRM API is meant to be consumed by other apps, which have the initiative of reading or writing information in SuiteCRM.

These leads API’s work the other way around, if I understand correctly. You would need some code inside SuiteCRM to take the initiative and consume their API’s to search and gather new information.

Well that’s what I meant that you need to custom code it. :wink:

Thank pgr!