Just Accounts for Acquisiton Cylce - No Leads - Does it make Sense?


i want to use to following Sales-Cycle:

Leads are identifiedy by a small research team and added to SUITE CRM.

The Sales Rep. starts with a Cold Call with the first Goal to get the Lead to an Online-Product Demo. After demonstrating the Product we talk about a Pricing. If the “Lead” <- Target Person says Yes, we generate a Quote with status “confirmed” and send the Invoice. If the Lead isnt interested we assign him to an temporary User and a workflow assigns him back to a Sales Rep after 6 Months, so we start to call him again.

Often we talk about the Product and the Price and the Lead needs some time to think about our offer. so we call him back after a few weeks. (Converted Lead, Created an Quote with conditions to follow up).

At the Moment with both Modules used (Leads and Accounts) i have the Problem that we need to handle the Loop after the Lead says “No currently not interested” to bring him back to am Sales Rep after 6 Months in both Modules (Accounts and Leads). The Sales Rep needs to take a look for warm Leads in both modules (Accounts and Leads) that is not so great i think. If i put all Leads into the Accounts module after the Qualification the Problem isnt existing anymore. What do you think?

Has anyone an Sales Cylce near by me?
Will be awesome to get qualified input.

Thanks everyone.


Do you think i can handle this process complete within the Account Module? I know all the modules