js files out in SuiteCRM 7.1... one bug more!

Hi after a 13h battle, i finally repaired the mess wich was done by upgrading from 7.02 to 7.1.

I’m using the Callinize module linked to Asterisk. But now, i’ve lost the Call popup and the ability to click and call from internal suitecrm extensions to our ip phones… This seems to be a javascript problem (log are still recorded in the Call Module). Is there a solution to repair (not under Admin/repair …already done and not working) to repair it? Our base is 170 000 leads with phone fields already created, but if i uninstall Callinize module, I will loose all… :frowning:

Could someone help… ?

I’d shoot an email/call to Callinize support, and/or Sales Agility SuiteCRM support.
To track down the javascript error, you can use your browser to display javascript errors on the current web page. On Firefox click “Tools / Web developer / Web Console”. Keyboard shortcut on Windows is Control-Shift-K.

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Hi. I’ve found the problem… Update from 7.02 to 7.01 broke the js files from Callinize (i used firebug in Chrome. The only solution was to uninstall Callinize and to reinstall it. Yaii does not understand this…