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I have installed the Joomla portal as per the directions but it doesn’t seem to actually do anything? How is one supposed to use the portal? Creating a new user doesn’t show the Enable Portal function anywhere that i can find.

What is the portal supposed to actually accomplish? I had assumed it would allow single sign on between Joomla and SuiteCRM but that doesn’t appear to be the case?

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Joomla portal is useful only if you have a large number of Joomla Users who might be your customers more likely, and they frequently need to find support or some troubleshooting help from you. Then these Joomla users would be able to raise their Cases directly from their log-in in Joomla. And the Cases would be received directly in SuiteCRM Cases modules, for your team to respond to.

This is my opinion, as I haven’t thought of using it for my website. Kindly take this fact in consideration.

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You integrate a marketing automation Joomla plugin with marketing automation system and then have Mautic/Joomla/SuiteCRM integrated to have this working as an enterprise CMS/marketing automation/CRM business case…


Can it be integrated with SuiteCRM?
If someone has done, then HOW?

Please share.

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“Can it be integrated with SuiteCRM?”


“Please share”.

I can not share with you who have done it bcs I dont know that. I just know that Joomla/Mautic/SuiteCRM and be integrated and work together.


You have to learn about Mautic, Joomla and SuiteCRM thats it.

Yes this is a perfect solution for best award open source CMS (Joomla), best CRM SuiteCRM and best marketing automation (Mautic) - all integrated.