Joomla portal is so light ...

Hello you explain that we can have a joomla portal … but we didn’t have :

  • invoice, quote
  • project
  • kb
    ect …
    its only a cases list ?

no way to have a complet portal ?

You can build it, this is open source! :slight_smile:

SalesAgilitry basically donated a huge amount of code into the Community with SuiteCRM. Same goes for other contributors (notably Security Settings and JJWG Maps).

But it isn’t infinite. The Joomla Portal (and AOP with it’s advanced Cases module) is a very good start, other modules can be easily added by basically copying the kind of code that exists there.

I think the Portal is perfect for Community additions, since it is somewhat independent. But unfortunately I haven’t seen any updates to it in years…

yes yes i know … i didn’t want to hurt somebody sorry … lol
it just a important feature with promotion on site but in fact a little peace of cake lol
i will try to study suitecrm more to propose some code
but i think the most important for a best portal is :

  • project
  • ticket
  • invoice
  • quote
    i know we have som paid portal but community edition need to be more efficient
    thanks for your reply