Joomla Module attachment size limit


I can’t seem to get files larger than 3-4MB to upload with the customer portal. With files over 4MB, the update is logged, but there is no attachment.

I’ve tried looking through logs, but I can’t find any errors or issues. The max_post and max_upload size are set to 100M in the PHP.ini and the max size in SuiteCRM is also set to 100MB.

Any ideas where to look or what could be the issue.



do you have your portal in a different web server than suitecrm? check the config if it is like that. I don´t know if the portal rely on the Joomla setting of upload, because joomla has a different settings for file uploads.

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Thanks, they’re on the same webserver. They have different virtual hosts on apache, but it is the same server.

I spent about an hour looking at the code, but couldn’t even find a way to make it return an error.

After getting nowhere, I had a look at the github source and I see there has been a few updates to the module; including some of the file upload handling. I’ll try the latest version from Github as soon as I have the time. Hopefully some of the changes fixes the issue.

Just an update. I’ve just tried the latest version of the portal from and it resolved my upload issue.

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