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I have went though the process of installing the AOP Customer Portal at one time. Before I upgraded to version 7.12.5. Today I was testing and realized that I cannot create a Portal User in Contacts.

I have went through all of the documentation and it appears I have everything setup correctly. However, in Contacts there is no place for me to enter a Portal Username. I have searched for resolutions here on the Forums with nothing working for me.

I understand that a username is needed along with the email address.

Anyone have any idea what I should check to fix this?

If I remember correctly you can’t edit the userame. It creates a username= email address.

I made a walkthrough video here:
How to Setup Case Management Joomla Portal

Thanks @pstevens but that video was for setting up Cases and Sending and Receiving Case Emails. You mentioned in the video about maybe doing a video on the Joomla Portal. Did not see one on You Tube under your channel or did I miss it?

Sorry, my bad. I could have sworn I covered the Joomla portal in that video. I guess that’s a great idea for my next video.

I am responding to just so there is a conclusion to my post.

I originally installed my dev system as a NON SSL system using version 7.8, then upgraded to 7.11.15 and then upgraded about 4 months ago or so to 7.12.5. Recently I added the companies SSL Certificate and all seemed well. I installed the Customer Portal while in version 7.8 or 7.11 don’t remember.

When debugging the Joomla code I kept getting an error message that the Contact module was not found when the Joomla code calls the API. So I was wondering if something had been removed from the 7.12 code as the documentation for API V4.1 states this:

This documentation pertains to SuiteCRM versions up to v.7.9.x. Since SuiteCRM version 7.10, a brand new v8 REST API is available.

So I started digging into the V8 API. The documentation on it makes this statement:

The SuiteCRM instance must be configured to use HTTPS/SSL

So since my system was not installed as SSL I wondered if I was missing anything. I finally determined that pat of my problem was that I did not have a .htaccess file in the SuiteCRM root folder. So I copied my production version which was installed as an SSL system. I did that yesterday. Once I did that, after a rebuild and repair, trying to create a Portal User the error message switched from the Create user failed missing username to just a Failed to create portal user.

Well this morning I get into the office and was ready to get started in digging in deeper. First I tried the create a Portal User just to make sure and the message I got was “Created portal user”.

I don’t know what all happens on the system over night but I suspect some caches are cleared and some other clean up is done. But what ever it did it the create portal user started working.

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Is there any update for Joomla 4.2.3 now? Seems just be for Joomla 3 ?

@ssnobben waiting for the update also. hopefully they can update this one

Have you guys noticed this?

SuiteCRM Joomla Portal 3.0.0-beta is now Available to Download

This is a pre release that adds support for Joomla 4

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Yes hopefully it will be something for Joomla 4.3 thats a really great release!

Nice! Thanks for the heads up. I’ll have to try it out.