Joomla Advanced OpenPortal Settings

There is no reaction when I’m trying to submit URL/Username/Password by clicking the button “Save Settings” in Joomla Component. Just loading for a second without changing of the window with the same data but with long password symbols data instead.

There isn’t a reaction when saving settings but these should be updating the database. A future version of AOP will add a message to this. The long password symbols is the hashed version of the password so it seems like it’s saving fine. Does the username and password show correctly when the page refreshes?


So how can I get to the Portal Home Page (Advanced OpenPortal), for instance… or List Cases, New Case? There is no links to that. I just save settings and… that’s it, the same window without any offers.

These can be added through joomlas menu manager in the same way for other components, you can create menu items for the list of cases, creating a new case, e.t.c.

When I’m trying to go to the Advanced OpenPortal Portal Home Page manually (index.php?option=com_advancedopenportal&view=advancedopenportal) the message appears (500 - Failed to connect to sugar. Please check your settings.)

This generally means that the url, sugar username or sugar password is incorrect. What happens if you go to the url and use the username/password?

  1. Entering the Admin user login/password in SuiteCRM - correct
  2. Entering the same login/password in Joomla Advanced OpenPortal Component - no result after clicking “Save Settings” (see an attachment 1)
  3. Trying to get an access to the Advanced OpenPortal manually through administrator link (administrator/index.php?option=com_advancedopenportal&view=advancedopenportal) (The result in attachment 2)
  4. Trying to get an access to the Advanced OpenPortal manually through the website’s link (index.php?option=com_advancedopenportal&view=advancedopenportal) - The message appears: “You must be logged in to use the portal”

It means that there is no saving after clicking “Save Settings”

Are you certain it’s not being saved? What do you see in the advancedopenportal table in the database?

The only row:

id 1
sugar_url correct
sugar_user correct
sugar_pass INCORRECT (long character set, both letters and figures)

The SuiteCRM API expects an MD5 Hash of the password so seeing something like ‘e7bb63ec79b7180bf08cfdf546d45645’ is expected.

If these values are correct then perhaps joomla can’t connect to SuiteCRM at all. Are the Joomla and SuiteCRM installs on the same machine? If not is there anything that could affect the connection like a VPN or the like?


Joomla and SuiteCRM are on the same machine