JJWG Maps from List View

I may be missing something magical. But I assume when selecting multiple records from the List View and clicking the Map option that those record addresses are supposed all be displayed/pinned on a map. When doing so in my installation, I get the default Kansas pin. Mapping is working in an iFrame in the Detail View.

Just wondering if anyone has had this issue and how they corrected it.

Thank you

Update. Doesn’t work on their demo either.

I have never managed to get it working.

I can also confirm that it is not working on the official SuiteCRM Demo

The guy that developed it sure has a pretty picture of it in action. I cant understand why the single pull from google would work and not the multiples. I imagine its a simple loop that passes the address field, google validates and returns. Ugh. Guess I’ll be digging deeper into the code. :woohoo: Collab anyone?

The author hasn’t responded on Git in ages.

Read here and reach your own conclusions:

Geez how did I miss that. Facepalm