JavaScript error in Firefox (head.tpl)

Firefox is complaining about JS syntax error:

SyntaxError: syntax error
SUGAR.themes.theme_ie6compat = ;

There is a bug in: ./themes/Suite7/tpls/_head.tpl and ./themes/Suite7/tpls/footer.tpl files

In this line:

SUGAR.themes.theme_ie6compat = {/literal}{$THEME_IE6COMPAT}{literal};

It should be like this (with quotes) in both files:

  • SUGAR.themes.theme_ie6compat = {/literal}{$THEME_IE6COMPAT}{literal};
  • SUGAR.themes.theme_ie6compat = ‘{/literal}{$THEME_IE6COMPAT}{literal}’;
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Hi Stan,

Thanks for highlighting this issue which will be fixed in the next release.