Jalali Calendar in v8


Would you please check possibility of including Jalali Calendar to v8 of Suite CRM? We have developers to do that but it seems simple and more compatible if be done by SuiteCRM team.
You can just simply check below link and everything is available on github:


I think your help by providing a PR would be quite useful. Only someone who knows what a Jalali Calendar is, and what it should look like, can really provide such a feature, and unfortunately I don’t think any of the SuiteCRM core team developers would be able to do that.

You can make the PR for the current 7.11.x version, it will become part of Suite 8 also.

I’m so interested in helping you in this case and I have good experience in localization of different application and platform as a part of analyses team.
I didn’t get you while you wrote “PR”, just tell me what should I do and I will share anything I know to help you implement this feature.
Later, if you need more help on cases probably I can help on them you can count on me.

Cool, thanks!

A PR is a pull request on Github.

There is some documentation on it:

Are you familiar with Git and github?

Please check https://github.com/farhadi/JalaliJSCalendar
The code is available and you can use it. just need to use the code. I don’t think you need any assistance from my side regarding code, but after implementing it I can check as UX specialist and report you.

What I don’t understand is, how does that fit into SuiteCRM code?

In a pull request, you place your code in the appropriate places of SuiteCRM in a way that results in a functioning app.

It seems your code is a component, but that this integration work isn’t done yet. I’m not saying we couldn’t do it, but from what I know of this project, there are so many concerns right now, and all people working on it are so loaded with work, that I think you would be better off taking this integration a step forward, otherwise it will likely never get done, or take months/years to get done :frowning:

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How to pull request for documentation
i want to publish document installing suitecrm on IBM cloud

I suggest making that a Technical Blog post, like this one:

Because I think something about IBM cloud is too product-specific to make it into the generic Docs.


Could you add the Persian calendar to SuiteCrm?