Issues with working hours

Hi !
So I was almost finished setting up my company’s crm, and I decided to try setting working hours, to see how it influences my workflows.
But I think the interface doesn’t work, so when I tryed to save my working hours, it created a record of working hours, but it didn’t save the values I entered. So it set it to default working hours, that are kind of weird, because they are blank : all days are set to closed.

Since I couldn’t fix it directly on the interface, I went into my database, and deleted all records created in the table “aodh_businesshours”. And in my admin settings, it went back to how it was before I tryed to modify it :

So everything seems normal, but ever since I made those modifications, none of my workflows runs on the scheduler. My “process workflow tasks” schedulers works normally, but it doesn’t seem to trigger any of my workflows, even though some should run on every record.
I tryed QR&R, and repaired shedulers, but Nothing seems to change…

There is a bug in Business Hours when using non-english language.
This is due to an error when saving in table aobh_businesshours.
In French it stores Le lundi, Le mardi, … in column day instead of saving Monday, Tuesday, …

1- Workflows using business hours do not work
2- After saving business hours in French, when reopening the Business Hour page, the settings are lost.