Issues with the notificiation system

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We are having issues with the built in notification system (Icon at the top right), and with email reminders not always sending out to all people (typically the person who creates the call). Is this how this feature is intended to work? Or are there some setting we may need to tweak? We have no custom modules, and a few minor changes (mostly field names) to the built in ones. The email settings are correct in our system, and we can send test emails.


“not always sending out” is too difficult to debug…

Check the next things:

1-) Your server timezone
2-) Your user timezone
3-) The user should have “receive notifications” (click in your name top right corner)

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I apologize for the lack of detail, just wasn’t aware where to start. I verified the settings on both the system and user end (email is working properly, desktop notifications are enabled, email notifications are enabled) and reminders don’t appear to be happening. If you click “Save and send invites”, an invite will be emailed to everyone, but not the reminders it appears. Let me know what further steps I can take to troubleshoot.

going to try and replicate the issue on our test instance as well

one thing to check also is Schedulers, check if they’re running, specially the one “Run Email Reminder Notifications”

Check for Job Status “done”

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Thanks for all your help. I have checked the scheduler from the admin side, and run email reminder notifications is on, however the log is empty. What further steps can I take from here?

when you created SuiteCRM there was a message saying that you need to setup a cron job in your system, the example is for crontab

it depends on your system, try to setup that cron and then go back to schedulers and check if the logs start to fill

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That is likely the cause! We are using Windows Server. How often will the Batch file need to be ran? Just on startup?

Okay - so upon running the batch file on the server, it sent the backlog of scheduled reminder emails. It left an open Command prompt session, which stayed open. We closed out of this. The emails are no longer sending, as I have created two new calls. I have tried re-running the batch file, but it will close after a few seconds. I imagine it is still running in the background. Also - the task “Run Email Reminder Notifications” is still running, that one single task - shouldn’t it run every minute?

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you should create a schedule task, in the Task Scheduler, set it to start at certain time and then to run repeatedly for ever, every X minutes.

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We have it set to run repeatedly every 5 minutes, however there are no new entries added to the log, and none of the email reminders I have created are sending out.

try these KB

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Was able to get it up and running. The only issue I’m having now is that email notifications are being sent right away, instead of when scheduled. For example if I create a call and set it to email me 30 minutes prior to the call, it will send the email right away instead of 30 minutes before. Any idea what could be causing this?

can you paste here some screenshots of your setup, of course hiding sensitive data, of your meetings, schedulers, and your cron (task). I don’t have a great knowledge in hosting in windows but we can hope that someone else can help.

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I was actually able to resolve the emails sending right away issue by updating to the latest version of SuiteCRM. Thanks for your help. Still having problems with notifications not working. Emails were the primary concern however.