Issues with overlapping Meetings

Hi, I hope somebody can help me.
I’m new to Suite CRM, so please be patient if I’m not used to its jargon.

I clarify what I mean with “overlapping Meetings”: two Meetings are occurring at the same date and time, and a single User is supposed to attend both. So the user tries to add both Meetings to its calendar. Other users could also invite my User, without me knowing: I set my own Meetings, then a workmate or my Boss add me to another Meeting in the same hours.

I searched the web so long, without finding a similar case. That’s the only bit I found on how overlapping Meetings should work:
(press command+F and search for “busy” in the page to get straight to the point).

Here’s what happens: on my install, it seems that the first Meeting changes status automatically (from “planned” to “done”) when I set the second Meeting.

  • lets’ say that it’s 9:00 today, and I open my CRM account.
  • I input a new Meeting, from 16:00 to 17:00. Save, etc.
  • later, I put a second Meeting, or my Boss does. The second meeting is from 16:30 to 17:30. I am now in the “New Meeting” creation page, before saving.
  • If I add the Meeting myself, in the Scheduling section I see brown color where the two Meetings are overlapping. All right.
  • hovering that brown timespan, I can see details about which Meetings are overlapping. All right, useful.
  • after I saved, there’s no alert or something telling me I am saving the 2nd Meeting on a busy timespan.
  • most of all, when I hover the brown color in Scheduling, I see that “Meeting 1” (16:00 to 17:00) has changed status itself and from “Planned”, has gone to “Done”. The second event instead, still looks like it’s with “Planned” status.

Question 1:
Is it possible to set an Alert when events are overlapping? Or how did you manage the fact that many people can invite others, and those others have their own calendar with meetings in the same hours? It seems to me, that Suite CRM base configuration can lead to many incidents, as the overlapping is not prohibited (e.g. putting alerts, or not allowing to save until a priority is specified somehow) and not really notified. Any hints on this topic?

Question 2:
How could it be that, if I set a second Meeting in the same hours, the first one changes status? Are there any options about Meetings, that I should tweak? Or do I need an edit to code, in order to manage this?

BIG thanks for any available help.