Issues w/ uploading/editing employee/user photos in SuiteCRM 7.13.3

Hi All,

Running version 7.13.3 and trying to update the photo field for an employee. It’s not working for some reason and has some weird quirks - I suspect it may be a user based issue - as some of the time it works and sometimes it doesn’t??

  1. It allows me to upload the file via the User mgmt console, but seems to only save the file name and nothing else (no image)?
  2. When i try to remove the file using the individual form field change and then subsequently saving it by clicking the checkmark, I get the following response…it acts like the file is removed when i refresh the page, but then reappears and nothing was removed:
    Response after clicking checkmark:

    After refreshing page:
  3. If I click the Actions tab and choose Edit…I click the remove button to remove the photo, all it does is turn grey:
  4. When i click the saved file name:
    - it pops a ‘Save As’ box and wants me to download the image. It also wants to save the image not as the file name listed, but as ‘No-Image’:

The hyperlink for the image is: ""