Issues In Email Module In Suite 7.11.7

I want to report that there are lots of issues in email module. this module is not working as expected.I am going to mention some of them here.If anyone fix it or have some idea about it then please help me.

  1. When I create case from email then that case does not link with that Email same for lead.
  2. When I go in Sent Mail folder in email listview and click on any email then it redirects me in another email. for example if i click on email 1 but redirect me on email 2 detailpage.
  3. When create case then in Popup window Description and Suggestion field is hidden.
  4. In same popup, Company Field is showing require but it allows to submit without select that.
  5. In same popup, When I click Cancel button it redirects me on Cases listview but it should be just close that window.


Hope Suitecrm will come with all these fixes.