issues action Create Record

Hi set a new workflow based on Lead module when new record is created; inside there is a create record action to create a new Contact but:

  • fields Created By and Modified by are set with the specific user “user_wf”, but the record remains created and modified as Administrator;
  • lead has email but I don’t find the field email in Contact; I tried to use “Add Relationships” but I don’t know which item to use (Emails:emails or Email Address Email:Adresses) and how to set it


Hi athirat,

The Created By and Modified By Fields can be used in Workflow in a few ways, such as Comparing them with other Fields, but can’t be used in this way.
Workflow is an Automated Task that uses the Alias “Administrator” when Creating/Editing records.

Also, The E-mail field is not avaliable to edit through Workflow.
However, You could possibly make use of logic hooks to fill this data after the record is created.