Issue with the Relationship between modules


guys i am facing a issue in the CRM i made 4 custom modules country, city and so on what i need is i need to make a relationship between city and country and when i do that i get the error

Notice: Only variables should be passed by reference in C:\xampp\htdocs\Hospital\modules\ModuleBuilder\parsers\views\GridLayoutMetaDataParser.php on line 331

i am new to suite CRM and trying to figure out what could be causing the issue it saves the relationship and i can work but when i deploy the package and try to save the data it doesn’t let me store the value in the relationship table can any one help with this


What is your SuiteCRM version?

Is it Windows or Linux? If it is Linux, did you set ownership/permissions correctly?

Finally, allow me to question your data design :slight_smile: why are cities and countries custom modules? Why not simple fields?

Yes, I am facing the same issue in
modules\ModuleBuilder\parsers\views\GridLayoutMetaDataParser.php on line 332 and my suitecrm version is 7.11.2.
if anyone can help?
thank you

Are you also on XAMPP?

Can you answer the questions I made to the original person posting?

thank you for replying,
I am using
Windows 10
XAMPP – 7.2.15
PHP Version --7.2.15
SuiteCRM version – 7.11.2.

i am making modules for real estate from module builder when i try to connect builder profile(custom module) via one to many relation to other custom module / inbuilt modules then this error pop-ups.

You need to gather more info about what could be going wrong, please check your logs at the time of the error.