Issue with sending out emails from Emails module

Hi Team, @pgr

We have recently upgraded our CRM from 7.7.6 to 7.11.10.

We have email settings correctly setup , we got the test to our mail account , as well as we receive the workflow emails to our inboxes.

But we have issue in sending emails out to via Emails module.When we compose an email and send it out it says Mail sent but we do not receive them at our mail boxes.

This is the error we receive in the suitecrm log.

Inbound Email Connection is not valid resource for getting New Message Ids.

Kindly anyone help us.

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I would say you are using a POP3 account instead of IMAP. Only IMAP is supported, there was a hack to force it to use POP3, but that’s not a good idea anymore. Can you confirm?


Thanks for the quick reply… im checking with admins and get back asap. could you please suggest the hack of POP3 as well if incase.

Thanks for your time.


No, the hack was to get the account defined and saved. If you used it, you did it a long time ago.

But that doesn’t make the parts of the code that really require IMAP to work.

A few years ago some providers only had POP; now they all offer IMAP, so you should just configure the emails account properly with IMAP.

Sure Thanks for the suggestion… will check the same

Hey @pgr,

I have tested the same issue with gmail id as well… i have setup new gmail id(lets say test1) from User profile Mail accounts,

Then composed an email and sent to another gmail id(lets say test2) … i dont receive email but it says “Mail Sent”.

Also i have checked the outbox of test1 , I can see the mails were sent out in the sent box .

But at test2 , no mails on the inbox as well as spam.

Any idea ? Kindly help.


Can you confirm if these new accounts are set up using IMAP protocol, no POP3?

Are you still getting those errors in the log? If so, can you tell me please when exactly do they appear? Is it when sending the email? When displaying the inbox?

yes the new accounts are using the IMAP, I have tested using normal gmail login instead of our office mail environment.

yes I got the error in the log.

Once i have sent an email , checked the log … i can see as below

Inbound Email Connection is not valid resource for getting New Message Ids.

I am suspecting that this is not strictly a problem with SuiteCRM sending the email, but with something along the way disliking these emails and rejecting them. This might be caused by defective configuration of email properties or email domain (an issue which can be quite complex, ensuring your mail isn’t seen as spam).

About the logs: it is not sufficient to know that an “error is there”. What I was asking was exactly in which moment it appears. For this you will have to look at the timestamps, and possibly do every action a few minutes apart, looking at your watch and recording the times, so that later you can match your UI actions with what is in the logs.

Hi @pgr Thanks for guiding … we got this issue fixed … possibly microsoft block the IP address of our crm got sorted out by coordinating with them

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