Issue with rules and security group

Hello to everyone,
I’m having a problem with setting roles and groups.
I explain my scenario:
I have two groups and each of them must be able to edit only the records (e.g. tasks and opportunities) associated to the users that are part of that group.
I have created two groups, to which I have assigned a role and the users that are part of the group. The permissions associated to the role are set to “group”.
If I create for example a task with a user of a group, even users who are not part of that group can edit the task.

How can I solve this?

Hi @seb993,

Welcome to the community!!!

I think the issues is on how you are tuning your roles. Also check is just admins can modify everything.

Also, make check Admin-> Security Suite Settings to tune up your security settings

Now here an example you could find interesting: