Issue with quotes opportunity name

Hello team, I found couple of issues with suitecrm in basic front


  1. When we try to create a quote and assign opportunity then system still ask for account name (ideally should be fetched from opportunity) and I can select any account name not necessarily of opportunity.

Same hapens with contracts.

  1. Even after quote prepared and mapped with opportunity in detail view one can still use button called create an opportunity and system rather than editing mapped opportunity create a new one.

  2. Once invoice is created from quote why quote should be still editable.

  3. How can I raise a credit note in suitecrm against an invoice

Here are my 5 cents:

SuiteCRM offers a lot of functionality out of the box. And yes, it has some deficiencies but it also gives you something other CRM’s don’t: The ability of customize to accommodate your needs. You have Worflows and LogicHooks to modify the standard behavior.

I’ll recommend you to start by reading the documentation here:



Thanks we have been using the same , now we are working on cutomizing the suitecrm possibly bugfree and host in server to use for future clients.

Great. Hope you share your findings here: The community will be thankful.