Issue with panel in detailview.

Hi pro,

First, so sorry for my English skill, it very bad.

Not sure SuiteP was force users just use “tab” in detailview of it’s a UI bug.
I’m using SuiteCRM 7.11.6. And my issue in here

You can see, i just use “panel” in here. And after clicks on “Overview” button, the “Other” panel will be hidden and no way to make it re-appear.

P.s: Please don’t care the “black” areas, for some rule, i need to hide them.

Is it really a problem, or new version force we don’t use “panel” in detail view?


Hi, welcome!

A good way to see if your problem is just in your own system, or a bug for everybody, is to check in the live demo (this one allows admin access):

Tell me how that goes, please.


I tried login to above site (with admin user) but could not. It auto logout when I access to next page (seem like “validate IP” feature is enabled).


Live demos need to be refreshed (reinstalled with default options and default data) periodically, so sometimes you try to access them but they are not working properly. When this happens to me I just wait for 5 minutes and then retry, and usually it works… :huh: