Issue with Integration of google calender in SuiteCRM's Calendar module

Since Google’s problem of 24 hour sync cycle, we have to implement the google calendar with API, so how can we implement in the project.
In case of the google API sdk, where should we locate it and how to authenticate the process?

I’m not sure I fully understand what you’re trying to do. You want Calendar changes in SuiteCRM to call out to the Google Calendar API, is that it?

You can look into Logic Hooks on the Developer Guide. These allow you to catch the events of records changed in SuiteCRM and to do whatever you want in PHP.

Want to sync google calendar in Bi-direction way such that events added in google calendar can be viewed in SuiteCRM calendar and vice versa.

There are add-ons for that kind of thing, for example:

You can search the Store for others.

If you need to develop that, then it’s a full integration you will have to code. It can be done, I guess.

From SuiteCRM side, you would have to create logic hooks capturing calendar changes, and calling out to some Google API (assuming this exists).

From the Google side, I don’t know how to hook events, but if it is possible, then you could call into SuiteCRM with REST API to make changes there.