Issue with Install on Linux server with Installatron


I’ve signed up with a Linux hosting provider which offers the Installatron option for SuiteCRM. The whole process was pretty straight forward, have completed the install, but I am experiencing a few issues:

  1. I cannot access the Administration page. I just comes up as blank. See screenshot:

  2. I am getting an error when trying to load several Modules, for example “contacts”. See screenshot:

  3. Minor one, I don’t have access to Suite P theme for some reason…?

Anyone able to assist? I don’t have a developer background so although I can kinda manage, I am struggling with the technicalities a little and have kind of hit a wall.



Hello Joelle,

  1. Check out the permission and ownership are correct for all module
  2. Make display error off on screen from your php.ini it could be the reason to display warning on your 2nd screenshot.
  3. Check your apache log, that can help you to identify issue.
  4. for SuiteP theme, which version of SuiteCRM you have installed ?


Thanks for the quick reply! Have managed to fix problems 1 & 2 :slight_smile:

But still, no access to Suite P. See screenshot:

I am running the latest version, 7.2.2

Any ideas how to remedy this?




Latest version of SuiteCRM is 7.7.8 and SuiteP is released after 7.2.2

You can find Version List and release date here


So Installatron only goes up to version 7.2.2, which explains why this is what I installed… But they seem to not offer any updates beyond this version.

Is there a way to update Suitecrm manually so that I can run the latest version?


Hello there,

yes, you can upgrade your self. Here is the link how to upgrade

Thanks, when I do the System check it gives me the following message:

Any idea how to enable Zip support so I can install the update?



You need to ask your hosting provider to install zip on your linux machine.