Issue with autofill of multiple currency fields in Opportunities


We are trying to complete an update from SuiteCRM 7 to 8 and are working to overcome some final hurdles. One that is preventing us from moving forward is an issue when editing Opportunities. In our Opportunities, we have added multiple currency fields, which worked well in the old version.

In our SuiteCRM 8 instance, when you edit an Opportunity, it seems like some of the currency fields are linked, i.e. the input control is the same. When you edit one field, the amount in the other fields is updated to be the same value. If you cancel the edit, the values revert to the original value meaning that database hasn’t been written to.

I have tried this on Windows/Mac, Safari/Chrome, etc and see the same results. Any suggestions on how we can stop the autofill/autocomplete would be much appreciated.