Issue with auto populated Dropdown and Reporting

Dear All

I have an issue in creating certain report in report module using a custom module i created with module builder ,

I have auto populate a Dropdown field from mySql using a function, i used this tut. “” to do so.
every thing works great but when i try to make a report of the module the populated drop down fields are shown empty , but inside the database the fields are stored and saved with the selected values.

Here is the code:

function getDropvalue(){
Static $DropTemplates = null;

global $db;

	$query = "SELECT * FROM `aos_products_quotes`";
	$result = $db->query($query, false);

	 $projectTemplates = array();
	//$projectTemplates[''] = ''; 

	while (($row = $db->fetchByAssoc($result)) != null) {
		//foreach ($db->query($query) as $row){
		$dropTemplates[$row['id']] = $row['name'];

return $dropTemplates;


i am using suitecrm 7.8.2

Thank you, for you help in advance

Best Regards