Issue while creating Relatiships

Hi Folks,

I am experiencing very weird scenario while establishing the relationship betwean Account and Custom module named Distributor (Dist.). I have setup Many-to-Many relationship.

But as soon as I create relationship by going Admin-Studo-Module-Add relationship, it throws me an error–> “Database failure”, and suddenly my Account module stopped working, rest everything even that custom module work fine, but Account module goes down completely.
But as soon as I delete that relationship, everything goes back to Normal.

Any clue?

Best regards!

Which SuiteCRM version is this?

I would start by Admin / Repairs / Repair relationships.

If that doesn’t help, do you get any errors in any of your logs?

  • at the time of creating the relationship
  • at the time of saving and deploying
  • at the time of QR&R
  • when opening the account screens afterwards


I am using version 7.10.5.
I have run the Repairs / Repair relationship, but didn’t get success, earlier this issue was occuring when we use SuiteCRM on Chrome, on Edge/IE it was working fine, but now for all browsers it is throwing issue.

It was throwing weird error once you click on any account record.
And when you open Distributor record, it is getting open, but as soon as you click on the Account subpanel under Distributor, it throws “Database failure”.

But as soon as I remove relationship, everything works normal.

Again, the logs are probably telling you what’s wrong.

Also, you’re using an old version, there’s a high chance that this is already fixed. Can you upgrade, or at least test this in a newer version?