Issue regarding the creation of new users

Hi, I am having an issue in the creation of the new user in suitecrm. Whenever I create a new user it creates but when I log out and try to login with the newly created user, it does not authenticate the user. I checked the users table to see the created the record of the new user where I found that the user_hash field is ‘NULL’ which should have password encrypted. I am not understanding why the password is not saving in the database.

And Another issue is that suitecrm is not allowing me to upgrade the suitecrm. If I go to update it, it updates but in updating the layout it sticks and gives some fatal error in the log and does not get complete.

Which is your SuiteCRM version? It looks like you are not using the latest version, since this was a known issue that was quickly resolved in the next release.

So upgrading is the solution, we need to get that working.

The first thing I would suspect is you need to increase one of these values in your php.ini:

  • post_max_size
  • max_upload_size
  • max_execution_size
  • memory_limit

Then restart your web server and retry.

Check your logs if you run into problems.

Hi, We have issue with upgradation. How can I upgrade it ?
The suitecrm version is not the oldest one.
I already had set the php.ini but its not working still now.

You need to restart web server after changing php.ini.

You need to make sure you are changing the correct php.ini, there an be more than one. See Admin / Diagnostic / phpinfo. There you can see

  • your php.ini path

  • your effective settings, so you can confirm the values you used are taking effect