Issue in Role Management

How to make the role in heirarchy. Like

  1. We have SalesExecutive1 and SalesExecutive2 that have their own self records and they cant access records to each other.
  2. After that we Sales Manager which can see and access both of these child ie SalesExecutes1 and SalesExecutive2 but cant access to its parent ie Sales Management.
  3. After that again we have Sales Management which can access to all of its children ie SalesExecutives a as well as Sales Manager.

How to do these?

Any help will be appreciated from heart.


Please have a look the attached image

please read this documentation

best regards

Hi Mikebeck thanks, i already had done this two days back but still its not working fine. So to do these role hierarchy, I have to purchase addon etc from

To make this role hierarchy working its compulsory to purchase? Cant we do it manually from our end in SuiteCRM?