issue in calling "get_list_view_data()"


i am creating “action_listview” in controller for changing listview Query. after override listview Action . ‘get_list_view_data()’ function from Module_Name.php is not working.

Please help!

Thank you
Vrushank Khambalikar

For this kind of code questions, there’s really no way to help unless you provide more information…

Your full code, the exact paths to the files, and exactly what error or behaviour you get.

i want two listview on “Enrollment”, i create “Enrollment list” module. and place “Enrollment list” module in “Enrollment” Module. But i want Enrollment list view based on Student ids. so, i create “action_listview” in “Enrollment list” module’s controller. and i also need some custom fields which i retrive from other query’s do i m creating “get_list_view_data()” in “enrollment_list.php” file. but this function is not working.

If i Comment “action_listview()” from controller then it will work fine. but i want to override listview Query.

please find both functions image in Description.

Sorry, I can’t understand it. It’s hard to debug from a distance. Maybe someone else can help.