I have been working on putting in a local install of SuiteCRM where I am also running ISPConfig to manage and host domains, email, etc. The challenge I am having is that SuiteCRM seems to break every time I move it out of the primary /var/www/html folder into a vhost folder. All permissioning and chown are correct, but the interface GUI just seems to break in a lot of ways. The intent was to have this in a subdomain. I’ve used ‘ln -s’ to softlink to /var/www/html from the ISPConfig directory, but I would prefer to move it.

Is there a configuration change that I could make that would resolve these issues?

Thanks in advance

I know you said permissions and ownership are correct… but I seriously encourage you to review the installation instructions to make sure you haven’t missed anything. I would also encourage you to check to see if that subdirectory is specifying a different PHP version or possibly pointing at a different php.ini file.

Nothing else comes to mind… I don’t think config.php has any path references that I can remember.