Is this the new theme for SuiteCRM 8.0?

Is this the new theme for ver 8.0, or is it also available in 7.6.4?

Yep, new theme for 8.0, not available yet.

They are already available the beta to version 8

Really? Where?

I can’t find any link to a 8.0 Beta, can you provide one please?

This is not the new Theme for Suite 8.x. This is a 7.x theme. 8.x will use an Angular front-end. For the non-technical, this means that a lot of the processing currently being done by the server will be done by the browser instead and will improve performance.

For the technical amongst you, this should not need any explanation but should generate a modicum of pleasure.


Hi, if this mokup is for 7.x, when will it be available to the community this theme? Which version? (7.7 or 7.8 in roadmap)

And when it is scheduled to be available? Which version?

This is a 7.x theme?

Where can we get it? Or will it be in a future 7.x update before 8 comes around?



We are on the final stages and hope to release it for 7.7 at the end of July. Failing that it will be in 7.8.

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Is there any chance to get a look at the beta of that theme somewhere? Is it available on github?

No and no … it’s still in development. We’ll release to Github once it’s ready.

Please make testing as simple as possible. Public, online beta versions would attract much more testers, and therefore they could provide more valuable feedback to you. Majority of the users are not IT guys, but simple users, just like me. These guys are ready to contribute with testing, but they are not able to install the software for testing without local IT support. Let the beta available for them, and you will see the positive energy.
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@Scutter The new theme has been released with the 7.7 Beta (

So we can now take a look at it, but yes, it still requires an installation.

I believe when the Beta turns into 7.7 release, it will probably be available for end-users to see here:

At the current point, though, it’s not really even in a public testing phase, because active development is still going on. I guess they just wanted to let us see the theme (there was some positive expectation) so they put it out early, but it needs work and that work is being done now.

Most of the structure is similar to 7.6.4, only the visuals change (a lot). I’m sure everybody will get a chance to provide their input about it in due time, and the minor releases happen every 15 days so it’s going to evolve rapidly with whatever feedback is generated (also from end-users).

Only right now we have to think of what was released as a simple preview.