Is There Example for Subpanels for Notes Related to Accounts Module and Contacts Module

I have Version 8.2.4

Notes have different contexts. I would like to have a Notes subpanel on both Accounts and Contacts module pages.

Is there an example of creating a custom subpanel for each module (Accounts/Contacts) that can show related Notes list?

Notes appear in the “history” tab in both accounts and contacts and you can filter by “notes”. Have you tried that? Does it work for you?

Failing that you can add a one to many relationship between Notes and Accounts for example and you’ll get a relate field on the note side and a subpanel on the Accounts side.

I don’t get any notes subpanels related to the various contexts for notes.
This appears to be a broader problem with ‘Relate’ fields in various module records.

While adding a ‘relate’ field to a module does add ancillary tables, and subpanels may appear for various records, no related records are ever listed in the subpanels.

Is there any database schema documentation available that shows what database mechanisms are required to make the ‘relate’ fields work properly?

A database schema diagram (chart) would be useful.

I just tested it in SuiteCRM8 and it works as expected. How are you creating notes?

Notice, in your list, the ‘Contact’ column.

You see there is no contact there. There should be a ‘Notes
subpanel, in each contact view, with notes related to that specific contact.

Similarly in the ‘Notes’ view, there should be a subpanel containing a list of contacts related to that specific note.

Also, add multiple notes and assign them to different contacts, accounts, etc.,. Then, try filter for notes using the account or contact as the search criteria. I get no results, even if I can see an account relationship clearly in the record.

That was a lead so it won’t have a contact relationship, but a relationship to the lead. It absolutely works both ways see below. (Notes wont have a subpanel its a one to many relationship, it has a relate field, I think that’s maybe the misunderstanding)…

I have no problem with that.
I am asking about the LACK OF SUBPANELS for the relationship between notes and contacts.

I need the notes SUBPANEL to show on the contacts edit page since many notes may be related to a single contact.

As a minor adjustment I also need the contacts SUBPANEL to show on the notes edit page. This, in case there are notes that are common among multiple contacts.

There is no subpanel on notes. It’s a one to many relationship. There is a relate field on the “one” side and a subpanel on the “many” side. You can create a many to many relationship between contacts and notes in studio if you like, but the default is one to many. You have one contact that has many notes. so you have a subpanel in the contact and a relate field in the note. By creating a many to many relationship you will have a subpanel on both sides.

This just makes data entry more difficult though because you’ll have to enter related records in the subpanel. However, it will give you a subpanel on both sides.

Not sure of the context of this issue but instead of notes, why not use a collaboration add-on such as this:

i have solution for your relationship and subpannel ,here is link of my youtube video where i set a one to many relationship and add a subpannel link is ,In ist lecture i will guide you how to create relationship and in second lecture i will learn you how add subpannel

These lectures are in Urdu language but i will use english for files name ,i hope when you see you will get it and should resolve issue.