Is there any way to view all emails in the crm in a list?

Hi there,

as per the subject, is there any way to view all emails in the crm in a list?

What I mean by that is obviously I can go to an account and in the history see any emails that have been related to that account or a contact in that account. But without having to go into every account is there any way to see all the emails and what account they are linked to? Going to Activities > Emails just shows me my live email inbox.


I just tried to create a report to achieve your objective and it worked.

I only selected a few fields making the email subject clickable and nothing else (no conditions and no actions).

Once done you may add the report to a dashlet and have it comfortably display in your home page.

One suggestion: since the emails may be in a relevant number, you may be better off categorizing the report and split it into more than one category. For example: Accounts, Contacts, Leads. Up to you.

The report can be exported to csv.

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That’s a good shout! I hadn’t thought about reports.

The whole reason for wanting a list though was so I could filter and then mass delete. I thought about perhaps using a workflow, but there’s no delete action, only create and modify. Or have I missed something?

I would do it in SQL directly in the database with phpMyAdmin. Be careful, make backups, make sure you don’t break everything :slight_smile:

Yes Delete with a SQl statement is an option.

However you need to study carefully the database structure before and consequently create one or many complex query(ies) (and consider the sequence in which to run them) otherwise you may end up with plenty of “orphan” lines in several tables of the database or, even worse, you may delete things that shouldn’t be deleted.