Is there any way to get data from Web-To- Person form to a Target List?

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I am using AcyMailing at the front-end of my website. Since there is no way to integrate the AcyMailing with SuiteCRM’s Target List.

There are only 3-Fields in my form:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email
    I thought of creating a web-to-person from. I could observe that around line 62 or 63:

It is successfully adding data to ‘TARGET’, ‘Campaign’, ‘User’, etc. I want to have the target added directly to a particular ‘Target List’ also.

Your guidance is solicited.

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you have everything in your hand to build such forms…
goto campaing module and play with “create person forms”
it shall do what you want…

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I agree with bmtourer

Create a target list specific for your webform - Contact Us Webform

Create a campaign specific for your webform - Contact Us Webform

Link campaign to target list

Campaigns > Create Person Form

Add the fields you need

Link the form to the campaign

This will auto populate the campaign’s target list with people who complete the form

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Dear TaufiqueAhmed and Bmwtourer,

I convey my thanks to you for taking your time and responding.

Kindly see the JPEG attached herewith.

This is a blog subscription form I have at my live website. This form is currently created using AcyMailing component of Joomla.

There, in AcyMailing, I have 4-Mailing List which are matching to the names mentioned in the form. Whatever blogs any visitor wants to subscribe, he can. The moment he submits the form, the data is attached to the matching Mailing Lists automatically.

Given the vast potentiality offered by SuiteCRM/SugarCRM, I want to replace the form made in AcyMailing by a form made in SuiteCRM. For that I created a campaign ‘ABC’ and also created 4-Target Lists as well, then I attached all these 4-Target lists to this campaign too. With this form,

when a visitor submits the new form, the new target record is created and the taret gets associated with the campaign ‘ABC’ also…BUT his record does not get associated with any target list at all.

This is the point where I am struggling.

How to make necessary changes to form created in SuiteCRM? (complete code of form is attached)
What else to do to get this functionality?

Only your helping hand can possibly guide me further.

NOTE: All this is also required to solve the question of importing the data from AcyMailing Uses to Targets also. However, for correctly importing the data of AcyMailing to proper Target Lists I have place another question at the forum: How to add a Target Lists Subpanel to Leads or Contacts etc? But that’s another question.

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You can add Leads/Contacts to a Target List using the Quick2List module available from the

Once installed you can attach a query to each target list which adds them to the list. A query can be written in SQL or if you use KReports you can attach the report to the Target list.

e.g. Select all Leads where Campaign ID = xxxx-x-xxxx

Then set the query to run once a day or every few mins to suit.

hope that helps


When i do it, it doesn’t related to Target list. What is the problem?

did you find any solution for this? I have this problem also.

You need to create a workflow for when submitting the target form the given details are directly added to the target list.

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